welcome to the visual works of christoph sommer!

I’m pleased to show you some of my old works, mostly created under the topic „illusions mind in time“ within the years 2000-2005.

Additional, there were emerged various objects and special t-shirts, mainly under use of different, manual silkscreen techniques.

Photographs, partially self-elaborated to very special so-called cyanotypes, which is one of the oldest known photo processing procedures, round off my visual works until about 2012.

After some years of different working focus and intense examination of deeper truths and research of the human or universal consciousness, i’ll come back with complete different perspectives and motivations for visual works with complete unique series of paintings, photographs and other uniquely designed items.
After some public showings, i’ll start to post them here.

all the best,



I can’t see the end of me
my whole expanse I cannot see
formulate inifinity stored deep inside me